Welcome to Seirawan Chess

Seirawan Chess is a chess variant invented by Yasser Seirawan and Bruce Harper. It is played on a regular 8x8 chess board, and introduces two new pieces: the elephant and the hawk . Just as a queen combines the moves of a rook and bishop, the two new pieces also combine the moves of other existing chess pieces.

The Rules

The rules are the same as those of chess, with a few new rules regarding the elephant and hawk:

  1. The elephant can move as a rook or a knight.
  2. The hawk can move as a bishop or a knight.
  3. When a player moves a piece from the first rank for the first time, an elephant or hawk may be placed on the square just vacated by that piece.
  4. Each player can introduce only one elephant and one hawk in this way.
  5. Castling allows the introduction of an elephant or hawk in two squares: the one the king vacated and the one the rook vacated (but not both on the same move).
  6. When a pawn reaches the 8th rank, it may be promoted to an elephant or a hawk (in addition to the standard chess promotions: queen, rook, bishop, or knight).
  7. A player may not introduce an elephant or hawk to block check.

Play a game

Click play in the menu above to play a game. Drag and drop pieces to move them.

It's possible to play a game against an opponent by email. One player can export the moves made so far in a game and send them to another player to import.